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Your customers say "ooo" while your wallet says "wow!" is a self-service marketplace for print advertising from It's where you:

Buy Ads
easily purchase and manage their print ads (both text and image ads) published on oooLocalAds' co-op mailers going to every door in ZIP codes selected by the merchant in greater Fort Worth and greater Waco.

See the details at or purchase ads now.

Make Extra Money
sign up and manage their profitable participation in the oooLocalAds Referral Program. Here's how it works:

• You sign up for free and get a referral code to share with anyone who needs to economically advertise to every door in one or more ZIP codes around them.

• Advertisers get a $99 discount on their first oooLocalAds purchase when they use your referral code.

• You get a $99 check when an advertiser who used your referral code completes payment on their first oooLocalAds purchase.

• Referral credits are 2 levels deep. If your referral code is used when someone else signs up to refer, and they make a successful referral that results in an ad going to press, you receive a $99 check, they receive a $99 check, and the advertiser receives $99 off their first print ad purchase. That's a win / win / win!

• It's simple. And there's no limit to how many friends you can refer -- or how many $99 checks you can earn!

• Sign up now if you're ready to earn. And we supply colorful note cards with your referral code to make it easy when you tell anyone needing to advertise locally about the $99 discount they will receive when they use your referral code.