About ZingMyAdz.com

ZingMyAdz.com is a self-service platform where merchants easily list and manage coupons on GetMy9.com and text ads on oooLocal.com and several other websites.

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We offer some ad channels that are available to all merchants (GetMy9.com, oooLocal.com) and others that are based on the type of business you operate. When you sign in to your account, you'll see which ad channels are available to your business.

GetMy9.com is a coupon site where merchants list coupons for free and pay a small fee only when a coupon is actually used. You control how often a customer can claim a coupon (once a day, week, month, or year). You'll also control the total coupons available per day, week or month. There are 8 standard discount offers, ranging from "$9 off $18 or more purchase" to "$99 off $495 or more purchase." Coupon fees vary from $3 to $19 per coupon, with a $2 surcharge if you as the merchant fail to verify the coupon was used. You can verify via phone call or online, or using the consumer's smartphone at the time of sale. Coupon fees are billed every 15 days, or when your balance reaches $150. Don't have an account? Sign up now.

oooLocal.com ('ooo like in too') and 21 industry-specific 'ooo' websites are text ad sites. Merchants pay for ads by the month, with payment in advance. Prices vary based on the zip code of your business. Your ad will automatically be seen in your immediate area ('local'). This may include one or more zip codes. You may expand your ad reach outward (5-mile radius, 10-mile radius, 15-mile radius, 25-mile radius, 50-mile radius, or 100-mile radius). Significant discounts are available if you place your ad for more than one month at a time. Don't have an account? Sign up now.